Kanreikai Karate for Kids!

Our World Kanreikai Karate schools offer a karate training program designed for kids. Your child discovers a traditional Japanese martial art in a challenging, respectful and secure environment.

Our karate program for kids focuses on developing our young students' abilities by providing them with stimulating activities that keep them physically active.

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Teens and Adults

A Kanreikai Fitness Workout!

Many teenagers and adults train diligently in our schools.

Thanks to our cardio fitness program, teenagers discover karate, a martial art that helps them to channel their energy and increase their self-confidence. Adults get a cardiovascular workout in a stimulating and frienfly environment.

Experience Kanreikai Karate and our cardio fitness trainings!


Karate for your Family!

World Kanreikai Karate gives you the opportunity to spend time with your family! It is an activity that parents and children can do together by motivating one another.

Our Family Karate program will lead you to discover the world of martial arts. Each member of your family will benefit from karate in a specific manner.

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Our Kanreikai Karate schools, located in Canada and in the Northeastern United States, offer karate classes for kids, teenagers and adults

OSU! Our Canadian schools are located in Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and British Columbia while our American schools can be found in the states of New York and Connecticut. Our karate programs for children, teenagers and adults allow every member of your family to improve oneself in terms of physical fitness, concentration and self-confidence. Our schools also support competition teams that stand out with considerable success at local, national and international competitive karate events.

Please take some time to visit our World Kanreikai Karate website to learn more about our Grand Master, Hanshi Manny Matias, and the running of our organization. You will also find a description of our karate classes and seasonal activities. Do not hesitate to contact the Shihan or Sensei of the Kanreikai school located near you and schedule a visit. You are very welcome to World Kanreikai Karate!