Karate Beach Training

World Kanreikai Karate Beach Trainings are undeniably very popular among our members and their families. They are the perfect occasion for our members to get together and train in the water! It is a fun training followed by a family picnic on the beach.

KARATE BEACH TRAINING - Lots of fun under the sun!

Hanshi Manny Matias and all the Shihan and Sensei of World Kanreikai Karate are always enthusiastic about leading our karate beach trainings. Similarly, our members and students are not afraid to get wet and show up in large numbers for these trainings. Everyone comes out of the water with a big smile, enjoying a day at the beach with family and friends.

Beach Training - Oka
Beach Training - Oka - World Kanreikai Karate
Beach Training - Stukely
Beach Training - Stukely - World Kanreikai Karate