Classes offered

World Kanreikai Karate schools offer a complete training program that allows all our students and members to fully benefit from the practice of karate. According to their age and belt level, our students learn specifi basic karate techniques, kata and contact fighting techniques. As they reach the intermediate level, they also learn to handle traditional japanese weapons.

Our schools also train competitors who proudly represent our organization at local, national or international karate tournaments. We encourage all our students to experience competition whether it is in kata, weapon kata or contact fighting.


    Our teaching karate program rests on conveying basic techniques (kihon) and traditional kata - pre-established sequences of basic techniques that simulate a fight

    The practice of World Kanreikai Karate includes learning contact fighting techniques in accordance with Japanese tradition. Our fighting technique classes - which are very popular - are offered in a respectful and secure environment.

    The handling of weapons is an integral part of martial arts. At World Kanreikai Karate, we use traditional Japanese weapons of agricultural origin and execute kata that require an intermediate level of abilities.

    At World Kanreikai Karate, we promote competition karate. We train our students and members and prepare them to take on this challenge at local, national or international tournaments.

Montreal Kanreikai offers Karate Classes for everyone!