Our World Kanreikai Karate schools promote competition karate locally, in their respective regions. Their competitors represent our organization in Kata, Weapon Kata and Fighting events at regional, national and international karate tournaments.

Our competition karate classes are designed to optimize each competitor's training and prepare him/her physically and mentally to take on challenges associated with the various competition events.


If you are interested in competition karate, you are welcome to attend our competition classes to prepare yourself to take part in tournaments.

  • You therefore commit to train regularly to perfect your kata and/or fighting technique.
  • Our instructors train you especially for the tournaments in which you will participate.
  • You discover the world of karate competition and you learn to control your stress and take on challenges that make you a better person and that make you proud and satisfied.
  • You appreciate the sense of belonging to a team and an organizaton that you are representing to the best of your abilities.
Competitive karate is accessible to all our students, whatever their age or belt level. It offers a growing experience to all!

Competition Karate - Kata
Competition Karate - Fight
Competition Karate - Fight - mae geri