fighting technique

Fighting Technique classes offered by World Kanreikai Karate schools allow our students to transpose learned basic techniques to the reality of a fight. These trainings improve our students' reflexes, flexibility, strenght and stamina.

All our students benefit form these training sessions , whatever their age, gender or physical condition. These classes contribute to increase cardiovascular fitness and self-confidence and generate a sense of accomplishment.


Ii is by attending our fighting technique training that you put into practice basic karate techniques.

  • You improve your level of fitness through series of exercices that are especially chosen to strenghten arms, legs and core and that increase your cardiovascular fitness.
  • You apply and perfect your karate techniques (stances, punches, kicks, etc.) and develop strenght and stamina by working with a partner (with or without a protection pad)
  • You train your reflexes and develop strategies by taking part in sparring - under the guidance of our intructors.
Respect and cordiality are an essential aspect of these classes. Our instructors take into account the level of abilities of each student and make sure that everyone benefit from these trainings.

Fighting Technique
Fighting Technique