Basic Techniques and Kata

At World Kanreikai Karate, the practice of pur martial art is based on learning basic techniques (kihon) and kata - pre-established sequences of basic techniques that simulates a fight.

Our progressive and rigorous teaching program alloes our studentsto develop specific abilities and reflexes at every step of the curriculum - illustrated by each belt level.

Kihon- Basic Techniques

Kihon - Basic Techniques

At every World Kanreikai Karate school, you progressively discover the techniques thsat are at the heart of learning traditional Japanese karaté traditionnel. These basic techniques include:

  • basic stances
  • punches and elbow strikes
  • kicks and knee kicks
  • blocks and shuto - open hand strikes.
Our instructors teach these techniques according to the level and experience of their students. By repeating each technique individually with concentration and intensity, you become able to link them up into kata forms.

Kata - Simulated fights

Kata - Simulated Fights

A kata is a sequence of basic techniques (such as punches, kicks, blocks, etc) that makes a fight.

  • To correctly execute a kata, you must at once know the individual techniques and control basic stances.
  • Each time you repeat a kata, your goal is to increase your precision, your intensity and the flow of your moves.
  • As you reach higher belt levels, you learn kata are are increasingly complex and demanding.
All the kata that are taught at World Kanreikai Karate schools are realistic, dynamic and educational. Most of them have been conceived by Soshu Shigeru Oyama, student of the Grand Master Mas Oyama and founder of World Oyama Karate.