weapon kata

In Weapon Kata classes, our World Kanreikai Karate schools use traditional Japanese weapons of agricultural origin. These classes are aimed at our intermediate and advanced students.

The handling of bo, tonfa, nunchaku and sai adds an additional challenge to the execution of acquired karate techniques and represents a significant step in our students' progression.


Weapon Kata

World Kanreikai Karate schools work with traditional Japanese weapons - agricultural tools that farmers from Okinawa Island (Japan) have transformed into weapons to defend themselves against invaders. The weapons are the following ones:

  • Bo: a 6-foot long staff used to carry pails of water, hung at its extremities.
  • Tonfa: a short wood stick with a small handle used as a rice mill crank by Japanese farmers.
  • Nunchaku: two wooden sticks linked by a leather link or rope - originally a simple tool used for harvesting rice.
  • Sai: a thre-blade knife ressembling a smal fork.
In weapon kata forms, our intermediate and advanced students learn to coordonate the execution of basic karate techniques with the handling of these weapons they use to strike, spear and block.