Kanreikai Karate for Families

Our Kanreikai Karate schools - located in Canada and the Northeast of the Unites States - have many families among their members. These families get to spend time together while they learn the art of karate.

Regardless of their age, every member of the family enjoys the numerous benefits of practicing karate: cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, concentration, self-confidence, etc.. Our certified instructors make sure that each family member makes the best of his/her training.


  • Your whole family gets a fitness workout at the same time, at the same place
  • Your family learns the basics of a traditional Japanese martial art in a safe and respectful environment
  • You share experiences with your children, meaning that you can better appreciate their efforts
  • Your family becomes part of our World Kanreikai Karate Family and takes part in numerous Kanreikai activities!



Kids and their parents benefit from practicing karate as a family!

For many families, it has become more difficult to spend time together. Nowadays, parents and children activities are often mutually exclusive: in addtion to work and school, everyone has a sport activity, meaning that parents drive around to satisfy to the busy schedule of each child.

Therefore our family karate program offers an interesting solution for all. Kanreikai Karate is a physical activity that contributes to develop respect, resilience, respect and a need to always surpass oneself... notions that are assets to a fruitful family life.

Family karate, besides fostering exchanges within each family, favours bonds between families. Friendships are initiated among kids and parents who share common activities, interest and values.

This family activity is increasingly popular at our World Kanreikai Karate schools. It allows every family to benefit from karate in a safe and friendly atmosphere!