Karate For your Kids

All our Canadian and American Kanreikai Karate schools offer a karate program for kids that contributes to their overall well being by improving their physical fitness and increasing their level of concentration and self-confidence. Children learn to take on challenges and overcome difficulties.

At each Kanreikai school, our certified instructors know how to motivate their young students to work hard, to constantly improve themselves and be proud of their achievements.

At our Kanreikai Karate schools …

  • Your child acquires physical abilities and mental strenght that will become lifetime assets
  • Your child works hard physically and learn to overcome difficulties he/she faces
  • Your child gain in self confidence and reduce his/her risk of being targeted by bullies
  • Your kid spends his/her excess of energy enfant in a positive way
  • Your child has the opportunity to be part of a competition team and to live gratifying experiences
  • Your child makes friends he/she will keep a long time

Your kid discover the exciting world of martial arts!


More and more children pratice karate as their main physical activity

We live in a society where kids are exposed to stress and intimidation at a very young age. The practice of karate can then become a mean of prevention. It has been acknowledged that children who practice a martial art become more resilient and less agressive. Moreover, kids who know "how to fight" give off an aura of confidence such that they are seldom victims of intimidation.

Lack of physical activities combined with omnipresent "processed food" have become a serious health problem for children. Regular karate training allows them to get more physically fit as they learn a martial art that fulfills them.

At World Kanreikai Karate, our karate program for kids allows each one of them to grow thrive with confidence.