Our Organization

Even though World Kanreikai Karate Organization is young and modern, it falls well within the tradition of Japanese Great Masters Mas Oyama et Shigeru Oyama. Our Grand Master Manny Matias, a man of wide experience and numerous accomplishments in the martial arts, continue to promote the practice of karate for kids, teens and adults. He is well supported by the team of dynamic and dedicated leaders who manage Kanreikai schools.

Respectful of our traditional code of conduct, our students earn every rank through hard work and determination and thrive within the great family of Kanreikai Karate.


    The mission of our Karate Organization falls well within the tradition of the teachings of Japanese Great Masters Mas Oyama and Shigeru Oyama and add a new chapter to their story. Hanshi Manny Matias, who is the head of World Kanreikai Karate, has been able to establish a modern organization while respecting the traditions of the great masters who preceeded him.

    Hanshi Manny Matias, Grand Master of World Kanreikai Karate, is surrounded by a team of dynamic leaders who assist him in teaching and promoting Kanreikai Karate.

    At World Kanreikai Karate, our gradation system is based on ranks (kyu) illustrated by the color of the belt. Specific requirements are established for each rank and every rank must be earned through hard work and discipline.

    In all World Kanreikai Karate Schools, we encourage our students and members to adopt a courteous and respectful behavior. We follow a well established code of conduct and make use of Japanese terminology during our classes and trainings. OSU!

World Kanreikai Karate teaches Traditional Japanese Contact Karate!