Karate Cardio Fitness Program

At our Canadian and American Kanreikai Karate schools, we propose a training program that allows you to ameliorate your Cardio Fitness level while you learn the martial art of karate.

Our students improve their physical condition and experience an overal sense of well being. Teenagers learn to channel their energy in a constructive manner and manage their frustrations. Our adult students reduce their stress level and are thrilled to take on new challenges.


  • We are happy to welcome you - regardless of your physical condition and abilities
  • You benefit from a cardio fitness program led by certified instructors
  • You spend lots of energy without "getting bored" as you learn a traditional Japanese martial art
  • You evacuate overflowing emotions, lower your stress level and reach beyond your limits
  • You feel physically and mentally better, stronger and more confident
  • You have the opportunity to challenge yourself by signing up for kata and/or fighting competitions



The practice of karate is very popular with teenagers and adults who wish to improve their cardio fitness level

Kanreikai karate offers an healthy and beneficial alternative for teenagers who could be attracted by risky behaviours such as bullying, street gangs, eating disorders or substance abuse. Our cardio fitness karate program allows teens to spend their energy in a positive way and gain in self-confidence and self-esteem. Our young instructors and karatekas become their role models and a new network of friendships gets slowly established... sometimes even leading to joining in the competition team. And all this applies to girls as well!

When they discover karate, many adults - often gymnasium frequent users - consider this martial art as an excellent mean to get fit and remain fit. They enjoy training together and supporting each other during belt promotion test. They gain a sense of belonging and appreciate the bond of trust and mutual support that develops among students.

Our karate and cardio fitness program for teens and adults is designed for everyone who wishes to train within a respectful environment where going beyond one's limits and friendliness are valorized.